Balinese silver necklace with Druzy Agate
Balinese silver necklace with Druzy Agate
Balinese silver necklace with Druzy Agate
Balinese silver necklace with Druzy Agate
Balinese silver necklace with Druzy Agate
Meraki Mirakel

Balinese silver necklace with Druzy Agate

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Sterling silver pendant with silver chain, both 925 stamp

Size chain: 50cm 

Gemstone is a druzy Agate

🙏 Agate has a grounding, stabilizing and protective effect. The stone has a calming effect, makes you feel safe, and provides both mental and emotional peace and balance.🙏

🌞 Bit of information:  this is not mass production. These beauties come from a local shop of Bali, real handmade items. Be aware, handmade is never perfect. That's the beauty of handmade. 🌞

Check out what jewerly material we use!

What Size do I need? 

How do I measure my ring size? How long does a necklace fall? What size of bracelet do I need?  You can find the answer to the following questions in the explanation below.

What ring size do I need? 

Brands/jewelry shops use different ways. Some choose to use the inner diameter in mm, others choose tot use the inner circumference, and others use the American ring size. It can be very confusing, but it’s not difficult, don’t worry it’s no rocket science. Meraki Mirakel almost always uses the inner diameter; it is easy to measure yourself.

Below, you will find a size chart. On the left is a list of diameters in millimeters. If you know the diameter, you can look up the corresponding circumference measurement tot the right of it. If you know the circumference size of the finger, you can look up the diameter size to the left of it. On the far right you find the US ring size. 

Be careful, by measuring yourself it is never 100% correct, but you have an indication. If you want to make sure it fits, you are welcome in the store.


The ring size table that Meraki Mirakel uses 

Diameter ring size (mm)

Circumference ring size (mm)/ EU ring size 

US ring size 


















































There are different ways to measure your ring size.

  1. Measure the diameter with a ring

The easiest way to determine a ring size is with a ring that fits you well and is comfortable. This way is also useful if, for example, you want to surprise someone with a ring, and you don't want to ask them about his or her size. You can then simply 'borrow' a ring to measure.

Take the appropriate ring and place it centered on the measurement units of a ruler. Place the inside of the ring at 0 cm and read the number of millimeters on the other inside. This is the inner diameter ring size.



  1. Measure the circumference without a ring

If a suitable ring is not available, it is best to estimate the diameter of the ring by using a ribbon or string.

Loosely wrap the ribbon or string around the finger where the ring will be worn, and cut it where the ribbon meets. Measure the piece that remains with a ruler in millimeters. The length of the ribbon is the circumference of your finger and therefore the circumference ring size you need.

You can also use a strip of paper that you wrap around your finger. You can then easily mark the size with a pencil or pen. Measure the length along a ruler. You measure the circumference ring size that you need.


How long does a necklace fall?

The image below gives an idea of ​​how long a necklace falls approximately. This is only an indication and may vary from person to person.


How do I measure my bracelet size?

The size of your bracelet depends on your personal preferences. Some people want a bracelet to hang loosely around the wrist, others like it if the bracelet is a bit tighter. Below, we explain how you can easily measure your bracelet yourself.

  1. Measure with a bracelet

Do you already have a bracelet that fits well and that you can spread out completely in length? Place a ruler along it and measure the number of centimeters.

  1. Measure the circumference of your wrist

Another option is to measure the circumference of your wrist. If you are going to measure the circumference of your wrist, it is best to do this just above (towards your fingers) the lump of your wrist. Wrap a tape measure around it and make sure it's not too tight. The number of centimeters can be read immediately. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can choose to use a piece of string. Twist the string around your wrist and make a mark where the string crosses. Then measure the length.

But watch out! Your wrist size is not your bracelet size. It depends on how tight/loose you want the bracelet to be.

  • Tight bracelet = wrist circumference + 1,5cm
  • Normal bracelet = your wrist circumference 2cm
  • Loose bracelet = your wrist circumference + 3cm


  1. Which size slave bracelet (bangle) is right for me?

Before you know which size slave bracelet suits you, it is of course important to measure your wrist properly. See above.

The size of a slave bracelet is determined by its diameter.

  • Size 56. The average size for 15-16 cm wrist (XS)
  • Size 60. This size for 17 to 18 cm wrist (S)
  • Size 62. The perfect size slave bracelet for a wrist size of 18 to 19 cm (M)
  • Size 64. Suitable, a wrist size between 19 and 20 cm (L)
  • Size 68. Perfect for a wrist size of 20 to 21 cm (XL)